Getting the #eword blocked?

09 Feb

In a little bit I hope you’ll be reading more here on the #eword seminar Chicago Dept. of Health just put on showing nonprofits how to use social media to reach and activate their constituent base. We were lucky enough that Gustavo Torrez, the Project Manager for the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control was giving a keynote (and a case study, and on a panel, and videotaping the day… because we’re nothing if not overachievers!). But I wanted to just quickly comment on the one amusing thing here… that as is not uncommon, but was pretty humorous here… the Chicago Dept of Health blocked social media sites from their computer links. This left presenters dangling a bit, as they tried to demonstrate sites they couldn’t see, like Twitter. But, I want to give folk a little heads up to a workaround that can really help, learned from an Oklahoma dept of Health rep… even tho many orgs are blocking social media sites, you can often get around this with, drumroll please… Twitter. Wait, why? Isn’t that who Chicago Dept of Health blocked? (you ask). Yes, they did block the website, but one reason Twitter has gained such popularity recently is because it’s tuned to be used from your cell phone, without any web access! For those of you not familiar with Twitter yet, it just allows text length posts on ‘whassup’. So, it’s like having the status updates from FaceBook, without any of the other stuff. You follow folks, and the ones that follow you can see all your updates. But since they are text length… it’s pretty easy and viable to just set up yr phone so you can text to Twitter. Now, albeit, you can’t run a full organizational Twitter presence without getting full web access sometime, figuring out who to follow, or replying to folk who comment. But if you’re trying to work around social media blocking… consider this little OK trick as a bandaid.

And later watch for a full update on the #eword panel, it sounds like it went really well. Plus… we videotaped lots of it, so hope to be putting up youtube videos on it soon as well!


Network Director
Network for LGBT Tobacco Control
A proud project of The Fenway Institute
Boston, MA
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One response to “Getting the #eword blocked?

  1. druckman

    February 9, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    wow, that is really interesting that they blocked the social networking sites. hmmmm….i guess i’ll have to rethink my personal feelings about twitter, because it kinda safved the day a little bit.

    “we’re nothing if not overachievers”- you got that right. you guys rock. way 2 go Gustavo! look forward to hearing more about this.


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